Autumn Days

Autumn days crosstown backpack

Ah, September is here – the warm days are fewer and shorter and we’re all starting to look out the waterproof coats and boots, but what about the waterproof bag? My bright summer backpack just isn’t going to protect my belongings, and I definitely don’t have time to dry it out between trips out. The folks at traffic realised that a waterproof backpack is as essential for commuting as it is for hiking. Nobody wants a soggy lunch or to arrive at a client with wet documents or laptop. When traffic were designing Crosstown, all types of weather were tested.

What do you need most from your autumn/winter backpack? It’s more than just style, it’s durability for all-weather and flexibility of use.

Colder, wet weather can take its toll on material. Crosstown is made from strong wipeable water-resistant fabric. This means it is easy to wipe dry if you get caught in the rain. More than once I’ve ruined a leather bag by getting it wet in the rain so this material was a bonus in my book.

The water-resistant seams will keep your contents dry in a downpour. The tablet and laptop padded sleeves provide added protection if using the bag for work or studies. They accommodate up to 15.6” which will suit most devices on the market.

If you are nipping into the coffee shop for a takeaway drink – there is an easy-access pocket on the shoulder strap for your cash or bank card – you don’t even need to take the backpack off to reach it. It’s also ideal for your travel card, a real on-the-go bag.

It has a hidden A5 zipped pocket which sits against your back and is separate from the main compartments of the bag. Ideal for keeping documents such as a driver’s license or passport safe.

There is an external UBS charging port with internal cable which would allow a USB charger to be connected without opening the main compartments of the bag – so useful in unpredictable weather.

Sturdy but stylish, the Crosstown will serve you all through the winter months and beyond.

They really have thought of everything that you might need – as it’s their own bag of choice!